Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops!

Welcome to our Parenting Workshops! We believe that parenting is an important role and that it takes a village to raise a child. Our school offers a variety of parenting workshops to help support our families and their children.

FLY, parenting Workshops cover a range of topics that are designed to provide parents with tools and strategies to support their children’s development. Here are some of the topics covered in our workshops:

Art of Parenting, how the subconsious mind of the children are formed, the importance of the early years in the life of the students, some practical insights to enhance the overall growth of the students etc., 


We offer workshops on mindfulness to help parents develop skills to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve their overall well-being. Mindfulness can also be a helpful tool for parents to use with their children.

Social Emotional Learning:

Our workshops on social emotional learning provide parents with an understanding of how children develop social emotional skills and strategies for fostering those skills at home.

Our Parenting Workshops are led by experienced professionals in their respective fields. We also encourage parents to share their own experiences and challenges in a supportive and collaborative environment.

We believe that the success of our students is greatly influenced by the support they receive from their families.