Yoga / Zumba

Yoga / Zumba

Yoga/Zumba is an excellent way to promote physical fitness, mental wellness, and overall health among our students. Our Yoga/Zumba programs are designed to inspire and engage our students in the world of Yoga and fitness.

Below are key features of our Yoga/Zumba program:

Physical Fitness

The Yoga/Zumba program is designed to promote physical fitness among our students. The sessions are conducted by certified Yoga/Zumba instructors who teach the students various Yoga asanas and Zumba dance moves that help in improving flexibility, coordination, and strength.

Mental Wellness

Our Yoga/Zumba program also focuses on mental wellness. The breathing exercises and meditation techniques taught during Yoga sessions help in reducing stress and anxiety, while the high-energy Zumba dance moves help in releasing endorphins, making the students feel happier and more energetic.

Fun and Interactive

The Yoga/Zumba program is designed to be fun and interactive, making it enjoyable for our students. The sessions are conducted in a lively and engaging manner, with upbeat music and creative routines that keep the students motivated and engaged.


Yoga/Zumba program is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all students, regardless of their fitness levels or abilities. The instructors are trained to modify the exercises and routines to suit the needs of individual students, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from the program.

We provide our students with a high-quality Yoga/Zumba education that will inspire and empower them for years to come.