Every child to get sound foundation for holistic development to embark into a journey of lifelong joyful learning & progress in this ever changing world contributing for a happier and spirited global society in their natural way.

Fly - Movement F3

Movement F3

The Movement F3 is Fitter Faster Fly Program. It is designed to promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles among our students and stakeholders.

Global Greet

Our school is proud to offer the Global Greet program, which promotes multiculturalism and fosters an appreciation of diversity among our students.

Empathy Workshop

Empathy workshops for kids are a great way to teach children about compassion, kindness, and understanding.

Exposure Visits

At our school, we believe that exposure visits are an important part of a well-rounded education.

Parenting Workshops

We believe that the success of our students is greatly influenced by the support they receive from their families.

SAP Conversations

At Fly, our SAP Conversations program is just one of the ways that we empower our students to make a difference in the world.